the one about walking home barefoot

do you remember being like eighteen and wearing your *best* heels out on a night out, and dancing like a loon all night and drinking all of the alcohol, and then calling your mum and having collect you from town in the wee hours, but before she collected you, you had to walk with all of your friends to mcdonald's on west terrace and your feet would be in so much pain that you would take your heels off and walk down hindley street completely bare foot, avoiding all the syringes and hobos, all the while thinking to yourself how awesome it would have been to have brought flip flops or just worn flats?

same! and i then began my young adult life playing nights out safe by wearing flats from the get go just to prevent (fast forward ten years) all the awkward walks back to chicken shops and through alleyways and such, and so obviously heels have became a non existent part of the aforementioned nights out. yes, i am now always shorter and less glam than everyone else, but i am also in far less danger of contracting hepatitis and other nasties at the end of the night, and i am totally ok with that trade off.

but then! last week i was introduced to butterfly twists! they make these awesome little foldy, twisty ballet flats that fit comfortably inside your handbag and mean you have a back up plan at the end of the night that doesn't involve hop-skip-jumping over discarded needles and big mac wrappers. huzzah! each pair comes boxed up neatly with a wee satin bag to protect them while they're being toted about throughout the nigh, and the sienna in rose gold* are a perfectly comfortable and massively better solution to the alternative problem, and they've now become a regular asset in my handbag - especially now we've clearly moved into 'my new boots are bloody killing me and i need to take them off now' season.

the butterfly twists' ballerina range start from about £20 for the classic style, which is a great investment when you consider the horrible alternatives (and probably how many pairs of tights are ruined monthly these days), but if you sign up for their newsletter, you get 15% off your first order; that will certainly contribute to the feeling that you've done the right thing!

tell me girls, what's your end-of-the-night trick is for avoiding the unwanted heel-hurt?