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26 September 2014

so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu

day three in salzburg was yet another stunner. it was rumoured to make it to the high twenties, and after the day we'd had before, we were prepared for the sun; sandals and sundresses the whole way. it was our last day in salzburg, and so we'd planned to take a trip into town, for a walking tour around the city. we met our group at mozart's square, before heading off on our hour-long city walk.

our first stop was the salzburg museum where - out the front - was a beautiful sunflower exhibition with over 100 flowers of different heights and sizes, each searching for the sun's rays. they were so pretty and huuuuge, and had even huger bees buzzing around trying to eat all of the pollen. or, whatever it is bees do again? pollenate? what?

i wish  i could remember more about the tour. like the piece of info about the bell tower... maybe i'll google it the bell tower in the neue residenz plays every day at 7am, 11am and 6pm, and plays a rotation of around forty of mozart's pieces of work for the public and tourists in the square. our tour started at 12:15, so we completely missed out on hearing them play. what a shame we found that out on the day we were leaving the city...

we wandered through the new town, learning about the once-salt-but-now-tourism trade, admiring the people of salzburg in their traditional clothing (our guide martina told us she chooses to dress that way because it's more comfortable than 'modern clothes' in her opinion!), and wandered down into saint peter's cemetery and catacombs below the walls of the fortress.

d'ya remember the part of 'the sound of music' where the von trapp's shuffle off into the night after singing some songs to a bunch of nazis, and thus begins their dash into the snowy alps? and they hid for a bit in a cemetery until that stupid nazi boy rolfe blew his stupid whistle and alerted the other nazi's to their whereabouts? yes! this cemetery! and it's sooooo pretty and serene and spooky and pretty!

we walked through the archway and out into the main square, and into a shitload of tourists. why were all these people taking photos in front of a fancy looking spar? well probably because just left of the spar was this giant yellow building you see above. the building otherwise known as mozart's birthplace... or, at least where he lived for a short period of his life before moving away to vienna.

and with that, was the end of the tour. i mean, it was an hour and there was loads of info given, i just... was so absorbed with the scenery and the crisp air and the wonderful architecture and everything else that the city had to offer that my 9euro city tour was just a bit... of a non event. we'd walked and seen all the things anyway, but it was nice to hear first hand why all the things are important to the city that so many people visit every year.

after that we headed back to the hotel to grab our bags, check out and hit the road. we were vienna bound, and due to catch a train. laden with sausages and fruit and wine and diet coke and all the necessary travel snacks we boarded and arrived about two hours later.

more on that another day...

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  1. I can just picture Rolf running around being an absolute twat and then Captain VonTrapp stepping out from behind the gravestone being like"Rolf, you're a a little weasel" and then being upset for Leisel because "You're 16" is an utter lie. x

  2. this is probably the best comment i've ever received on here. thank you Amanda.

  3. Ha, thank you! I used to think VonTrapp was fitttttt when I was little. x

  4. Ah I love living vicariously through your post. And nothing about that tour guides outfit looks comfortable. I went to Mozarts house when I was in Salzburg, sadly did not get to do the Sound of Music tour.

  5. Your photos are fab Erica!! :D God, Salzburg is stunning. I want to goooo! Xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion


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