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2 September 2014

w.i.w.t | party time, excellent

bag* + dress* : asos | shoes* : bhs | crown : primark | stacker rings c/o joshua james

did you know it's almost my birthday? well, it is. i'll be thirty. i'll no longer be a "twenty-something", or an "almost-thirty" aussie girl about london, like the bio of this here blog would have you believe. no, i will be thirty. to commiserate the occasion, i bought some things. namely, this bag and this dress. and, although the dress is slightly too big (change the record, girl), i love the fit. it's so much fancier than all the other dresses in my wardrobe, so it's definitely got a 'special occasion' stamp all over it. 

my bestestest friend rebekah has planned some surprise day out for my birthday, and i reckon i'm going to wear this. well, weather depending. i could wear my leather jacket if it's cold. she always wears black, and i always feel really colourful in comparison (not a bad thing), so i reckon if i can inject a bit of black into my outfit, we'll look less like polar opposites and more like people on the same age spectrum.

which, we will be. then. still not now though. for now, i will continue to dress like a toddler.
this bag though! it's so prettttttty!

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  1. I'm not 100 you know. Bag is cute. You're alright too.

  2. are you not? oh. oh, thanks.

  3. she says she loves you too.

  4. As always, total babe! I'd mug you for this bag too, just sayin'!!

  5. Such a lovely dress and I adore those shoes! :) xx

  6. This is SO lovely, that dress is so fancy!

    Maria xxx

  7. Erica you look lovely :D the bag is so cute :)


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