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brand crushing :: bonne chance collections

lately, i have been seeing this online boutique pop up everywhere. initially, they followed me on twitter, then liked my facebook page. naturally, i returned the favour - without too much thought, and we exchanged pleasantries. then, i saw the shop advertised on one of my frequently visited blogs. this piqued my curiosity, so i thought i'd better have a look at the site to see what all the fuss was about...

except, the site was blocked by the security admin on my work computer; the reason given was "sex". this really had me curious! (not because i'm a perve, but because they claimed to be an online store!) i jumped on my phone, and followed the link on their twitter page only  to find... 

pictured :: 1//2//3//4//5//6//7 special mentions :: 8//9//10

oh, just some of the most beautiful dresses i have ever seen! bonne chance col are a modern online boutique with a distinct vintage flair, and that is evident on their landing page; each of their pretty frocks is styled on the mid-century fit-and-flare pattern - which is my absolute go-to style, and not a single one of them is made a dull or boring colour or print.

better still, they offer free and fast shipping to (almost) everywhere. excuse me now while i got and rape my credit card.

* not a sponsored post.just genuine adoration.


  1. Wow!! This looks absolutely amazing!!We absolutely love this!! Thank you so very much Erica :) You are so incredibly sweet!!<3

  2. Ooooh! Pretty dresses! These look absolutely lush, and the sex warning online makes it extra intriguing! Ha!xx

  3. O wow these dresses are adorable!
    Jodie xx

  4. So cute!!
    Off to check them out

  5. I find every single dress so adorably pretty! :) Lovely collection x

  6. ahh these are all so cute, I want to go to a cute picnic or something in the summer to wear something like this! I think number five is my favourite! Just followed :)

  7. absolutely love 4 +5 even if they are too pretty for me to wear :)

  8. Oh my goodness, so much love! I love everything!


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