w.i.w.t :: moving boxes and mint blouses

crown :: pumpkin soup boutique // shirt : romwe // skirt :: river island // tights and shoes :: primark

apologies for the masses of boxes and lack of alternative photos.. we ran out of room. yes! while you are reading this, i will be moving into my new flat! ohmigosh you'll never understand how excited we both are to fiiiiinally get into our new flat, and get busy decorating and making it 'ours'.

i wore this cute outfit out shopping for flat stuff with boyfriend on saturday, and kinda wish i didn't. although i adore this skirt - i'm in love with the retro floral overlay, it is so short that i was paranoid the whole day as it flirting a bit with the wind; by the end of the day, as i was laden with shopping bags, i was conscious that it was getting caught and working it's way up, up up... boyfriend insisted it was fine, and based on his opinion alone, we set off. instant regret.

this lovely mint shirt was a lucky buy from miss megan's blog sale and i took a real chance on it as it's a size 10; i hoped that if nothing else, i could wear it snug and tied at the waist, but lucky for me, it fits really bloody well! i've barely taken it off since. i snapped up this floral headband from online store pumpkin soup boutique's facebook sale. by now you know all about my floral crown obsession, well this was advertised at £4 + delivery, and from a choice of colours (lilac, pink and white) - i opted for a combo.

when it arrived though, i was a bit disappointed. the headband itself is just a cheap white band which doesn't blend well or hide well in my dark brown hair. also, the flowers have literally just been wound around the headband and not really secured in anyway, and worse still, the flowers aren't even placed evenly! it's a bit of shoddy work really, which was a let down, especially after grabbing some really fantastic ones recently at primark - for a lot less than the price of this. i was a bit embarrassed of it, so i didn't wear it out. i might pull it apart and upcycle it into something a bit nicer...

i adore this outfit though!