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11 May 2013

ghd // root lift spray :: review

i guess my 'h is for hair' piece really struck a chord with (or offended) the hair product companies across the uk, because shortly after it went up, i was contacted by the lovely folk at ghd to review an item from their online store. the cheek! after checking out the products in their wetline range and their brand spanking new showcase page for inspiration, i chose to give the root lift spray a go. the blurb claimed to give volume and support when blow-drying, as well as being versatile enough to use on dry hair in between washes. perfect for my lazy hair regime..!

i'm not going to lie; this is my first proper hair styling product. as you well know, i'm a wash hair, towel dry, leave-in conditioner/de-tangle-r, occasionally straighten or wear-in-a-bun kinda guy. i don't even have a barrel brush (or whatever it's called) to properly blow-dry my hair. i was kinda relying on the 'use between washes' feature of this bad boy, because now that i've turned into a gym bunny (neither fact nor lie), my hair is getting a bit more of a work out (happy pun) than normal and i am far too lazy to wash it more than the standard once a week. 

so far, i have used the product twice. i had hoped it would act like a dry shampoo between washes, but as the product is wet and not dry, i don't get the impression that it would work as well. i mean, it might work very well on dirty hair, but the fact it's wet and going on oily hair, well.. i don't see how that equals drier hair? that's not confusing at all, right? i guess what i mean is that i don't know if it was the product or the natural oil giving my hair a lift, if that makes sense.

ha! i shouldn't be allowed to write words. must try harder.

the product is aerosol free so when pumped it comes out in a fine spray like my leave in condition, which i loved. i hate getting a lungful of spray in and around my room when using a dry shampoo. especially the perfumed ones; especially as the chocolate ones never taste like chocolate. the root lift spray is light and fine, with a soft fresh scent which is not over powering, but surprisingly lasts a whole day! happy times.

there is built-in heat protection, so no need to use another product for that, which is great because in an ideal world you are really supposed to use this while styling with a hairdryer. as admitted, i don't really have the right tools (nor desire to or head of hair) to pull off a blow dried barnett, so instead i sprayed 2-3 pumps around my crown and worked my fingers around to create a bit of friction and frizz and volume, while still warm from the dryer. the product didn't stay sticky for long - in fact it dried really quickly without drying too stiff in my hair, which was a good thing because i hate crunchy hair.

all in all, i had a good experience with this product. it wasn't hard to work this into a daily routine and it did provide a noticeable difference in volume compared to normal which was a nice change. would probably look at using it (eventually) with a barrel brush for special occasions, but definitely not for everyday use. i'm far too lazy.

have you tried this product? how did you use it, and did you like the outcome?