sneak peek :: my room

on tuesday morning, we got up early, lugged a suitcase and huge ikea bag on the bus, signed all of the paperwork, handed over a wad of cash (metaphorically), and got the keys to our brand new flat! thankfully, our agent was more than happy to drop us at the flat to unpack the first load so we didn't have to shuffle it all back down the high street! as we were signing off the inventory, i snapped a quick pic of our new room so i could do a before-and-after for you lovely lot who have all been asking how it's been going.

after what seemed like a zillion hours of walking up-and-down to our third-floor-flat (i had no idea one person could sweat so much... ew), we finally had everything we own unpacked and lookin' pretty in our brand new room. i'd unpacked all of the other rooms first, which took no time at all. the bedroom - well that was another story. not only did we have to put up the bed and change the funky curtains, i had all of the things to unpack myself. boyfriend owns about four things. i own about a gazillion. bless him for wanting to help, but... don't touch my stuff!

turns out there were two layers of funky curtains, so i took down the hideous top layer and left the crazy purple sateen up until we get something to replace them. i'm thinking pastels, naturally. i also need to get a bedside lamp or fairy lights for the bed head, so no pics of the bed until that side is all sorted. i just thought, seeing as you've all been asking how it's all going, i'd share a little sneaky peek today!

thank you for all the well wishes - tuesday was a long, long day and on wednesday i woke up in so much pain. i never knew i had muscles in the places that were hurting. i'll also never know how many times i had to climb up and down those three flights of stairs, but i know i do not ever want to do that again. we're staying here forever.