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12 May 2013

the weekend edition :: alcohol

despite more rail disruptions and a grey looking sky overhead, i slowly made my way to borough market early saturday afternoon to join bex, ani, nicola, jennie and kate for a monmouth coffee, some homemade banana cake and a delicious walk around the busy market. taste testers a plenty, we built up our appetites and walked off our coffees in no time, so decided to split up to buy our chosen lunches. 20 minutes and one bbq pulled pork bap later, we re-grouped for one final round of the traders before heading across the road to the george on borough high street, for a proper catch up, a gifted cath kidston bag (thanks nic!) and what would be the first of many ciders that day...

i met boyfriend at london bridge around 2:30, and from there we made our way east to bethnal green, where the party really started...

at the florist in bethnal green, we met up the rowdy lot from work and entered into what would become a surprisingly awesome pub crawl. good friends, banter and a spread consisting of cashews and bar snacks kept us busy for a good couple of hours, from one pub to the next until we decided to save some money, buy some drinks and head back to carmen's for some sweet tunes, more snacks, and general hilarious antics.

hours past, the sun finally set, and the rain set in. we grabbed some brollies and headed across the road to the half moon in stepney green where we brought the house down with our ridiculous banter. houuuuurs later,  boyfriend and i drunkenly started our epic journey home. we'd forgotten about the rail disruptions, so ended up sitting (sleeping) on the rail replacement bus for 20 minutes before it was even due to leave because we were so drunk and cold and tired that we thought we'd probably forget otherwise...

crawling into bed at 1am this morning with a piece of toast, i could not have been happier. we'd had such a lovely day, a fab night with some amazing people and surprisingly didn't overdo it to a point of sloppy - loud yes, sloppy, no.

(the hangover today tells a different story)