five things

Friday, 3 May 2013

1. you'd be blind to have missed the epic blog sale extravaganza that hit this here patch of airwaves yesterday, but did you check out the other linked up ladies? you should do! there's so many bargains to be had in and around our combined wardrobes at the moment. let our trash be your treasure! or.. something. oh and, have you entered my ji ji kiki giveaway yet? again, you should, and you can here.

2. toni's 'women who inspire' post yesterday was touching, and made me think hard about what women inspire me... shannon learnt her high school crush is a maniac, and handled it really well. maxine - via the etail pr blog, shares her home made lip balm tricks, and if you love kaelah bee's wardrobe as much as i do then you'll be bloody excited that kaelah's closet is back up and running. huzzah for blog sales! ps. these lacquer pineapples are hilarious.

3.i'm thinking of starting the now trendy 5:2 diet next week, but before i do i need to have both the no bake white chocolate candy bark courtesy of milk bubble tea, and strawberry crumble a la sam at polka dot dreams. won't you join me?

4. with so many blog overhauls going on at the moment (briar rose blog, sparkles and shoes, what laura did), i feel inclined to give mine (another) tweak. only problem being, it's taken me a year to get it to one i love and am really proud of, so how long will it take me this time! only time will tell.. this is one i love. anyone sharing that same feeling?..

5. and finally, i saw this kitchen and immediately thought of kim. she loves yellow.

this was a little lackluster, sorry, it's been a long day. happy friday folks!


  1. I need that chocolate bark too. Now.

  2. I love your layout the way it is at the moment! I need to tweak mine a little - just have no clue about html, so I am being held back haha. xx

    1. i just get reaaaaally boooooored, haha!

  3. That kitchen itself makes me hungry! It's the yellow effect.

  4. Fabulous kitchen - It'd be just like cooking in a kitchen filled with sunshine every day! :-) x


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