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31 May 2013

five things :: sponsor edition!

hey folks - as you know, this week has seen me pack, move, un-pack, celebrate an anniversary, indulge on a day off with boyfriend, attend an awesome event with my bff and hit the theatre in style (pie and mash and all the trimmings - more on that soon!) with the love of my life (bleurgh!). they say that life is what happens when you're making plans, but i reckon that life is what happens when you're too bloody busy to surf the internet for a few days. so this is what it feels like to have a life? god, it's exhausting. so, in true erica fashion, i am killing two birds with one bloody heavy stone, and giving you the monthly sponsor post by way of this week's five things. sound good? good!

1. jessica's beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog aptly named 'jessica' is a mixed bag of videos, reviews and fashion posts, all with that funny jess flair peppered on top. my favourite post recently has been her camden adventures - she inspired me to get back out there, which i did last weekend! go say hi!

2. ji ji kiki are the online boutique run by the ever lovely emma over in wales. their pieces range form vintage to kawaii and everything in between. their bags are to die for, and i'm especially in love with the in the roses cross body bag and the hot pink mini quilted bag. so adorable! you lovely lot are especially lucky, because emma is offering you all 15% off with the code beingerica. happy shopping!

3. omigosh, so what can i tell you about ally that i haven't already gushed to you about? for starters, her blog 'now that's pretty' is - as it claims to be, bloody pretty. brightly coloured and easily navigated, you're bound to find something that tickles your fancy; from her cat's ears bowler hat d.i.y to her adventures in painting a red room white (apologies, i can't seem to link to direct posts? here is the tab for her d.i.y's though - of which you will adore each and every one!), ally's posts are like a breath of fresh air in a sometimes beauty or fashion-filled bloggersphere. please go and say hi, ally is an absolute peach.

4. jane heinrichs is a children's writer, illustrator, all round graceful lifestyler. in her etsy shop she sells her original prints and copies of her prize winning book 'magic at the museum', and her blog is just full of simply beautiful photgraphy; i'm left with complete wanderlust over her canadian adventures. if you don't have a chance to pop over today, make time. utter love.

5. katrina of carousel diary is a very thorough product reviewer. if you ever consider buying anything, check her blog out first for a very real account of what to expect. my favourite item review to date is this one for these pretty stargazer paper lashes. how gorgeous!


that's it folks! today i'll leave you with this precious little frenchie - i saw one on the way to work on thursday, and i swear it smiled at me and my heart exploded. i must now own one. such love! have a great weekend kids.

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  1. I love french bulldogs! I WILL own one someday!

  2. My love for frenchies is ridiculous. They are SO expensive though and the other half says no :( Compromise must be made! xxx


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