five things

Friday, 17 May 2013

1. before we move (less than 2 weeks now!) i really want to get rid of some items from my wardrobe that aren't getting enough love anymore. i'd love to share my clothes with you, so please do have a look in my closet and see if there's anything at all you'd like me to send you - all the prices include UK postage too, so the prices are as-is!

2. ally of now that's pretty is at it again; this time with a d.i.y cherry cardigan. i swear, this little lady is the most clever and creative person to have ever lived. when her blog blows up to #abm status, i wan't to be able to say i followed her way back when. and it will. and i will. will you?

3. i want to live in this shop. i want to meet shannon. i want to buy all of the mint things. i wish i was this cool when i was 17. i want jane to draw a picture of me for her shop. i want to be famous forever.

4. this month carex launched their live life hands on awards to celebrate their 20th birthday. they want to know what your hands see and do in a day. entries can be a few lines of text, a pictorial or a video entry; if you can think it, you can enter it. first prize is £500 worth of red letter day vouchers, so i'm really considering entering! what about you?

5. homemade pop tarts thanks to emma and elsie. are you guys kidding me?!
fancy sparing a vote for being erica in the cosmo blogger awards, under best lifestyle blog? it'd make me very happy... happy friday to you x


  1. Those poptarts looks to die for!
    Voted :) x

  2. That Cardigan <3 and the poptarts! Wowowowow!

  3. Oh gosh, those poptarts look amazing! Need to make some!!


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