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29 May 2013

the (long) weekend edition :: packing!

i was soooo grateful for friday, like you wouldn't believe. i feel like we have been counting these final few days down for weeks now, and we just can't wait to get into our new flat! friday afternoon was looong and hard at work, especially with the thought of spending the impending long weekend packing up our room and preparing for the big move, so come 5pm, nic and i bunked off the gym (first time that week!) for the ideal way to end the week, month, pay cycle... the pub. considering it was (technically) the weekend before pay day, it was a lovely surprise to see so many folks out despite the shite weather. 

the couple of wines really worked it's magic because saturday morning i was in the highest of spirits to get up, eat my tea and biscuits, and get out shopping for new and shiny things for the flat. boyfriend and i spent hours trawling the shops with my healthy list of necessities, and came home after five or so hours (we did stop for a wetherspoons lunch, i'll be honest) with 34 items for £86 - including two bedside tables, and ironing board and a whole bunch of awesome things that i can't wait to show you when i finally move in and can do a proper flat tour. all of the pretty!

we slept well that night, after all the walking we had done, so it was a tad annoying to be woken up early by the banging of pots and pans on saturday morning by the evil landlady.. two. more. days..! we decided though, to take the bull by the horns and get cracking with the dreaded packing..

i did take a break mid afternoon to go and hang out in the park for the last time before we move - with the sun high over head, i couldn't bear hearing the people frolicking out there without me, so i donned my trainers and leggings and head off for a bit of exercise... i know, right! who am i? it was so sunny and green and there were a lot of lazy loungers and dog walkers, and it was quite nice to get out of the mayhem in the flat and stretch the legs - pun intended. 

a call late in the afternoon from boyfriend's work boyfriend had us quickly devouring what little food we could find in the bare cupboards, throwing on clothes that had yet to be packed, and jump on a bus to greenwich to chase the sun, drink some cider and share some deep, meaningful anecdotes about our what our superhero powers would be (mine would be to become a giant as i am scared to death of hights). hours passed, and before we knew it we three were racing around the streets of greenwich to catch the last trains home. with my bladder full, i'd be lying if i said that i didn't have to get off a bus at least once to wee.. 

while hanging in the pub on sunday night it was decided that there should be some frolicking in the sun to be had on the  bank holiday, so around lunchtime on monday we were joined by mr. new, carmen and her bff michelle for an afternoon session in camden. we sat on the roof terrace at the lock tavern for a solid couple hours, soaking in the sun and the ciders, and devouring what afternoon grub we could get our hands on. those are the dirty nachos, fyi, with pulled pork, cheese and sour cream. delish! after that, we headed to the sainsbury's local on chalk farm road, grabbed some supplies and headed to primrose hill for a spot of sight seeing and potential celeb spotting!

i'd never been to primrose hill before, and i was properly blown away (not only by the wind - of which there was a lot) by how beautiful the view was from the top. like, you can see right from north london to the west, and all the iconic landmarks in between. the pictures really do the view no justice. it's easy to see why this spot is frequented by every man and his dog (literally) in the summer; i think if it weren't for the wind, we would have stayed the whole night!

it's been a hectic but wonderful weekend. we'd gotten done everything we needed to, and had a barrel of monkeys doing it. great weekends are hard to come by when you're as stressed as i've been lately, so it was fantastic to get out and remember why living here is worth all the stress!

sorry for the radio silence over the last few days - i trust you understand!

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  1. Ahh what a busy weekend you had! Sound like you got through lots! x

  2. What a lovely, sunny, perfect weekend! Can't wait to hear all about your move =) xx

  3. Despite all the packing this seems like a pretty perfect weekend. x

  4. such nice photos, your blog is just lovely by the ways, keep up the good work :)



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