brand crushing :: chelsea doll

i discovered chelsea doll late last year when i wrote a piece about them for the online mag i was freelancing for at the time. the piece i wrote was mostly about their a/w12 collection and mundane stuff about christmas and shipping and gift cards and blah. i basically rehashed the press release i was given. but, i definitely did fall in love with their range and have since been an avid window shopper, and habitual 'basket dropper' (that is - fill your basket up then walk away when you hit £100) - no more so than monday morning when i checked out their latest stock and came across the above...

you guys. that bag is just perfection! it's pink and pastel and polka dot and a satchel. one day, this bag will be mine. one way, or another, i'm gonna getchagetchagetcha. one day, maybe next week. like, literally, after pay day. cos let's face it, i need another bag.

the kitty watch is fricken cute, and those glasses are obviously a necessity for summer. seriously, someone needs to ban me from the internet cos... broke.