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8 March 2014

digital safety

after months and months of deliberation and putting up with a dying specimen, i finally bit the bullet and bought myself a brand new laptop. as eager as i was to get it all set up and ready to go, boyfriend was quick to point out that it wouldn't be as easy as that, and there were many, many steps to be taken with both the old and the new before any such readiness would be evident.

for instance, moving all of the junk i'd gathered over the last three years from the old laptop to the new one. doesn't that sound like a barrel of laughs? well, let me tell you, it wasn't. it was, however, that time consuming process was made all the more simple by one little piece of technology; the seagate expansion external hardrive* that Tesco Compare recently asked me to review as part of their safety and security panel.

let me tell you something about this device; it's bloody heavy. i've had external hardrives in the past, nothing as big in memory as this 2tb monster, but still - it's really, really heavy, and was only going to get 'heavier' still with the hundreds and thousands of pictures and music files i was about to unleash on it.

once it was all connected up, the process of moving, renaming and backing up of files commenced. wow. what a mind-numbing and intensively boring hour and a half that was. nothing as simple as a drag-and-drop would do; i had to cut and paste certain picture files into name-specific folders for anything other than a 'copy file' to exist on the damned thing. not entirely the devices fault, more so the settings of the picture files on the old laptop, but my my was i not in the mood for that rubbish - let me assure you.

two frothy coffees and one plate of nachos later, the backup, restore and transition was complete. for the purposes of nostalgia and security reasons, i've not moved a great deal of what came off the old laptop over to the new one just yet, rather opting to leave it all in the safety of the giant drive for the time being. perhaps over time i will gradually bring them back to life - when i have the time, motivation, and desire to go through and relive the years and years of memories living inside that heavy old thing.

thank you to Tesco Compare for the help in setting up my new baby - no matter how tiresome.
how do you keep your files safe from harm?

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  1. Well, although it doesn't sound like a particularly entertaining job, it certainly is great that you transferred all of your files and that you now have them all backed up and safe! :D
    Congrats on your new laptop it looks lovely! ^_^

  2. she sure is pretty to look at. she's the slowest bugger around though :(


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