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13 March 2014

frock swap | mustard flowers

when george at asda heard about our frock swapping plans, they wanted to get involved...somehow. although the idea is to swap what's already in our wardrobes, there was nothing stopping us from swapping new-to-us pieces too, was there? with that in mind, we did some careful choosing; our styles are all so different, and we didn't want to fall into the 'well, obviously you'd pick that' hole so instead we tried picking pieces with each other in mind.

you'll remember rachel nabbed herself a pleather biker jacket? yeah. she had me in mind with that one. why? because... it's so not me. unlike what i chose, with someone else in mind...

hat : ebay | sunnies : tiger | shirt : primark | pinafore + bag c/o george | tights : h&m | shoes : new look

this dress has donna's name all over it. it's written in the style of pinafore. it's written in the autumnal colours (when i think of donna, i think of mustard and burgandy. honest!). it's bascially got her name written inside it too (it doesn't). but, with donna in mind, i did my best to make this dress more 'me'. do you want to know what happened when i tried to make this dress me? i ended up looking like donna!

inevitable in a mustard pinafore.

the white shirt was a safe choice, as there was already a lot going on already; the print is bloody loud, considering they're such teeny tiny florals. bright red and yellow? come on! plus, this shirt is pretty cute on its own - tiny little sparkly beads adorn the front panels, making this one of my favourite work shirts. so, rather that stick to my only outfit staple - black tights, i chose to pick the mustard out of the dress with one of the only mustard things i own; thick and cabled tights that were super unnecessary on a gorgeous, sunny, spring day in london. hot. also unnecessary but totally adorable and outfit perfect? my burgundy (it is, although it looks red here..) bowler.

i finished the look with my new grey bag, which - although it added yet another colour into the mix, i feel like it's actually toned the outfit down a bit. i could've gone bonkers with a bright bag, but as i am currently in love with this new one, there was really no question in my mind.

well, this look is on it's way to it's new temporary mamma, and i can't wait to see how everyone else gets on with it.
how would you wear this dress?

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  1. OMG I Love it!!! Cannot wait to give this a whirl:) the tights are amazing! xx

  2. This is a cute outfit, I love the white shirt layered underneath!

    Maria xxx

  3. This is adorable! Love a pinafore and it just goes so perfectly with your tights. :) x

  4. Mustard and burgundy wrapped up in a pinafore dress, you're right...this has me written all over it. Although, I'm at a loss to how I'm going to style it...maybe I'll add an Erica stamp to it ;-) I absolutely love it though. You had me laughing out loud to myself in an empty classroom! xx

  5. Oh my god, this is so stinking cute, and you do resemble Donna somewhat here haha. What the heck I'm going to do with this though I have no idea, but I'm going to have so much fun trying!!! Yay!! Xx ps LOVE the hat!! You look stunning lovely girl xx

  6. Ahh...love this look, so sweet!! You look awesome doll xx

  7. What a lush outfit! Definitely going to try and find the pinafore in my local ASDA! x


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