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24 March 2014

musical bingo madness

the day after the musical bingo non-event of a few weeks ago, i was contacted by one of the event organisers who was more than embarrassed and apologetic for the way the evening had gone for us, and was keen to make it up to me by having us along to the mid-week event that started a little earlier in the night - i was assured that there would be no gigs on prior to the bingo this time! the thursday night event is held at concrete in shoreditch, and this seemed a lot easier to get to-and-from for all of us really, rather than islington like the saturday night event which was held at the garage, and meant having to bail out early to get last trains etc. 

as it was 'anything can happen thursday', i threw caution to the wind, rallied the ladies, and we hit shoreditch high street in all our... work appropriate glamour; we kicked off at the shoreditch for pre-cocktails a plenty, and readied ourselves for a fun filled night. we headed to the venue just after 7 and were met with... a locked door. i had instant visions of another wasted night before quickly assuring everyone it was fine, that we were in the right place, and shooting a message off to the dj - jonny unknown, for some last minute 'are we there yet' confidence. well, we were there. once the doors flew open we were shown to our table at the front of the room, and pretty swiftly plied with a couple bottles of wine to make up for the previous drama. give me wine and i will forgive you any day. we were off to a good start!

everything after those first couple bottles of wine is a happy, fuzzy, blur. there were over nine bottles on our table by the end of the night, and god knows how many others we drank and they cleared. there was dancing on tables, there was a won bottle of prosecco from a dance-off between a friend from my table and a joint winner of a bingo game, there was an old school cheerleader pyramid, an epic dirty dancing lift, giant letter balloons and a macarena induced voicemail left on my mates phone after drunk dialling her while i was on stage, doing the macarena. apparently i was yelling about wine. that... sounds about right.

we had so much fun and lost track of time chatting with the hosts after the show, that i still managed to miss my last train. in no state to figure out alternate methods, i ended up deciding - along with a few others, to stay with becks in east london for the night, borrow some garb, and head to work from there. except... even the best of plans can go awry, like, not getting to bed til almost 3am, waking up with wine buzz a few hours later, then giving up on sleep entirely around 6am and heading to the train station to begin an epic journey home whilst texting your boss for an emergency half day, and getting a night bus home at seven in the morning.

ladies and gentlemen, i give you: adulthood.

i don't even care how irresponsible this makes me sound, but...i had so much fun, and i'll definitely be going again. maybe next time with 99% less wine. maybe not. the guys and gals of musical bingo were the most amazing hosts, and made sure that each and every one of their guests had the time of their lives. i could not recommend their event more, so puuuuuhlease do yourselves a favour, and get to the next event. you won't regret it!

(cringing as to what the pics will look like... thanks for having us johnny + co, had a ball!)

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  1. Ha...this looked super fun!! Am glad you went and had a fantastic time xx

  2. All of the fun! Thanks again for taking us. Too scared to check for event photos 0_o x

  3. Whoo-hoo! I love that you guys have shameless fun-- its the best way to be!

  4. This looks like so much fun! x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life


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