w.i.w.t | bingo babe

jumper c/o f&f | skirt : h&m | shoes : new look* | bag c/o  george at asda

i wore this wee outfit to musical bingo on thursday night (and also on the walk of shame home the following morning; nothing suss, you can read about that here if you don't believe me), and got loads of compliments, which means i'll definitely be wearing it again. yes, i'm that shallow. this f&f jumper turned up at reception earlier in the week, and i was eager to get some good wear out of it before sending it on to rachel as part of our frock swap campaign. i'd actually totally forgotten i'd even bought this skirt, so was pleasantly surprised to find it hanging in my wardrobe on thursday morning as i was hunting for the perfect accompaniment for the jumper! the spring florals and grey marle colouring are just the thing to pair with the pastel wooly, and of course, pair with my (still) new favourite scalloped bag.

i honestly wish boyfriend could have used his words while taking these snaps, to let me know that the bag was half undone and looking ridiculous. boys, eh. he's normally so pedantic about things like that - has a touch of the o.c.d, so am appalled he overlooked it on this occasion. am i being a pedant now? probably.

can one ever have too many fluffy jumpers? this is my...sixth.