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oh hey, remember all the lovely blue skies we were getting last weekend and the week before that? yeah, like a fond memory now. although this weekend looks to be sunnier than the rain we've been enduring in the city, it doesn't make up for the fact that this is a lovely winter we're having this spring. ugh!
my mum is due over in a month-ish, and last time she came over it was crappy weather like this too, but i was holding out hope for her, telling her "you won't need a rain coat, it'll be warm! it's going to be spring! you'll just need light cardigans and jackets for the night!" and hoooow wrong i was. practically the first month here it rained, and she had to buy new things (she loves a primark apc-a-mac by the way, so don't feel too bad for her just yet) to get her through until the sun arrived.
i fear it will be the same this year, so i am holding off on dishing out the weather-appropriate packing advice until closer to the time she leaves. worst part is, she's coming via a week in italy, a few days in switzerland, then a couple weeks jaunting around the english (and scottish) countryside, so packing for three months has never been so hard as when she's literally going to have to pack for a multitude of climates and conditions. that's my mother, folks!

jumper : dotti | sunnies : tiger | skirt c/o f&f | bag : asos | shoes : new look*
so anyway, while the sun was gracing us with it's presence last weekend, boyfriend and i did a spot of window shopping for essentials for the mother's arrival; new towels and bedding are required, as i doubt mum will be pleased with the flat £2 pillows we currently have living in the sofa bed. i was gagging to wear my new jacquard skater skirt that f&f kindly sent me to swap with my other frock-swappers, because i had the perfect all-hearts ensemble prepared for it... and then... it doesn't fit that great. it's a little snug-a-bug around the mid-section, and suuuuper short, but i'm hoping that by the time it wings its way back to me after rachel, donna and Debbie have all had a go of it, i will have lost 20lbs and it will be fine. herbalife; the miracle diet*.
*unsubstantiated fact.