review | moo mini cards + giveaway!

the good folk over at moo got in touch recently, asking if i'd quite like to try out some of their classic business cards. well, sure! but... i still have a pack of 50 from a hundred years ago when i thought i was like, coming up in the world and needed business cards to hand out in all my wheelings and dealings. joke's on me! i'm now stuck with a ton of cards and nobody to hand them out to. would i like to try something else from the range? ermm yeah, how about some of those awesome stickers? i could stick them on like, all the parcels i send out to cust-- oh yeah. that's not going to work for me either.

i toyed with the idea of hosting this giveaway and not doing the review, but.. what's the point in that? you lot know where to get your cards from if you need them, so it would just be me holding a business card party and being like, uninvolved. i like being involved! weeks passed, and i just plain gave up on the idea. and then, something great happened; my blog got a facelift.

// sidenote: the blog getting a face lift seems to have irked a lot of readers. if you're insulted by, or have issues with my new layout, please let me know. although more of you are interacting now, over half of you have stopped reading. come back! i miss you! is it all the pink? it's not too pink. it definitely could be pinker.

so, with the new facelift came the need to update the stock. rather than go for the classic cards, i opted to get the awesome mini cards instead - they just are a lot damn cuter, and easier to haul about (to all my events)(hint: there aren't that many)(if any)(not many). i put my order in on the monday, and on the thursday they were already in my hot little hands. you literally can't get anything delivered that quickly these days, so i was tremendously surprised by the super fast turn around!

designing your own cards on their website is a cinch too - there's a business card wizard at every step of the process asking you if you're alright? are you sure about that? can i get you a tea? etc. and, the wiz also tells you when something's going to look crap in reality and thus forces you make difficult choices (do i really want my face on these cards? yes. do i want a bitty version of my face on these cards? no) at every step of the process. if i'm honest, i gave up a few times and went back to the drawing board a few times when i was more clear-of-head. at the end of the day though, i was of the though school of thought that... who cares. they're just business cards.

and so with that in mind, how would you like to win 50 of your very own classic bizzy cards from the bizzy card experts at moo? all you have to do enter is follow the 'copter below, and keep your fingers crossed! oh, by the by, there will be two winners, receiving 50 cards each. not one winner receiving two sets of cards. twice the winning. half the prizes. open internationally, too... ok, go!

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oh, thanks moo. what legends.