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18 March 2014

the brit pack presents | the pastel parade

welcome to the brit pack's pastel themed party! i mean... hardly a stretch for me, right? but, just as fun nevertheless! a few of the girls are not pastel champions like i am, so it will be fun to see how everyone has interpreted the theme this month. for me, the biggest decision was... which pastel outfit to feature?!

dress : t.k. maxx | eyelash jumper c/o george at asda | bag : asos | shoes : primark

but then, this george at asda jumper fell into my lap, and i knew it was fate. it's the perfect weight for these sunny but slightly chilly spring days - especially when the tights are finally off and the summer frocks are out! i nabbed this stunner of a maxi from t.k.maxx a hundred years ago when i was, erm, lighter around the midsection, and it wasn't as clingy around the thighs as it is now... hmmm!

the water colour print maxi dress has so many pastel shades swirling through it, that i could have paired it with pretty much anything. but, the pale blue shade of the jumper completely compliments the print, so it was a no brainer for me. the glitter flats and hot pink bag were the perfect finishing touches for this casual, spring day get up. i think this is probably one of my fave outfits of the year!

and now, i can't wait to see how these lovely ladies have interpreted the challenge;
 Maria of Frills n SpillsKim of What Peggy SaidChristina of Kimi and MeDonna of Polka-dot PinkErica of Being Erica

Rachel Of Rachel The HatSophie of The Story of a Girl Who Lives Above Her MeansSarah of A Million Dresses and Gemma of Fat Frocks

happy pastel parade guys!

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  1. Cute outfit! Love the dress, floral pastels are a new favourite of mine. And seriously, I could not be more of a fan of that bag. Its just gorgeous. I think I need one!

    Amber Jade
    Fairytales and Following Trails

  2. I don't actually own many pastels so this was quite a challenge for me, love this outfit though, that jumper is gorgeous!

    Maria xxx

  3. I love the bag! The pattern on the dress is just beautiful x

  4. So you. I really hope there's some kind of Bogan-theme one of these days (yes, because everyone knows what a Bogan is). I'd love to see your interpretation of that!

  5. You look gorgeous, I love pastels :) I have a bag similar to yours from Asos, but it's pastel lilac. The jumper is my favourite...so fluffyyyyy!! Marvellous doll xx

  6. I bow to you my pastel queen... you are the reason i actually started to like pastels (thanks btw!) Awesome and utterly gorgeous as always my friend xx

  7. you're welcome, my primary colour queen!

  8. I know the one you mean! that was next on my pastel purse list! xx

  9. maybe for you, one of these days, I will wear an entirely black ensemble *just for you*

  10. the bag is my love!!

  11. you did so good! like an easter egg! (saw that comment on yours and was like.. really?!) haha xx


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