w.i.w.t | swap shop chic

dress c/o matalan via swap shop | crown : crown & glory | shoes : h&m | bag : asos

can you tell this is my new favourite dress? profile pictures, a couple of weekend wears, and a zillion compliments at work in it, and it's firmly cemented itself at the top of my 'must wear' list. i picked this bad boy up at the voucher codes swap shop party last week, and i've had three wears since i ripped those tags off just over a week ago. it's crazy; i never like things this much. and, it's black. and made from jersey.

and, it's a swing dress.

i am a girl of the ample curve. boobs, bums, belly and thighs, it's all there, so i'm all about dressing to flatter the shape. nipped at the waist, fitted to the shoulder, and always - always - flared from the hip. it's quite the balancing act, but one that i've mastered during my almost-thirty years on this here planet. i naturally steer clear of swing dressses or tunics, and gravitate toward a fit-and-flare style as a matter of tried-and-tested science.

but then i met this dress.

the jersey fabric is the most flattering thing about it. it's fitted without being too tight, and heavy enough that it falls really simply off my chest, and falls back in to my waist, giving some extra shape. the length is really perfect; thigh skimming, and with the amount of fabric in the skirt, almost floats around my body.

it makes me want to twirl. it makes me twirly.