the weekend edition | adventures in ikea

yesterday, i broke rebekah's ikea cherry. as in, rebekah had never in her life been to ikea. so i took her. i was most excited about the market hall. she was most excited about the hotdogs. i'm not sure that we were on the same page initially. but, by the end of the outing, i was definitely keen about hotdogs too. she did take to the ikea challenge like a duck to water though, so points for participation to her.

what i was not keen about was that we only realised we were on the wrong tram home as we approached the end of the line... half an our out of the way. anguish! fresh flowers from the flower market, a new lippy and a helping hand from boyfriend in carrying all my flat-packed goods home certainly made up for the slight travel disaster though.

hope your sunny saturday was a fun as ours!