a fa(ux)ther's day like no other

so, sunday was father's day in the northern hemisphere. i am from the southern hemisphere - as are most of my mates, and we don't celebrate father's day with our dads until early september. but, when the occasion arises where you have the opportunity to pay homage to your dad from the other side of the world, then, you do the thing right? right. and so we did. laden with our dads' favourite foods and drinks (hard, when the majority are country-specific!), and an epic spotify playlist to rival them all, we waited with bated breath for the grey clouds to subside so we could head to hackney's answer to a green, open space; london fields.
with token australian foods like tim tams, quiche lorraine (omg, that's so quiche) and "that cob loaf my mum makes for bbqs" on the menu, plus the other girls' dads faves like... onion barji, sausage rolls, egg sarnies and an array of artisan dips (whose dad was that?), we were stuffed in no time. while the kid played on the playground and the puppy we'd borrowed for the day flopped a round like a teddy bear under our feet, we chatted about our childhoods and reminisced about our dads as their favourite songs played on. we maybe got swept up in the moment at one point and treated passers by to an acapella version of 'morningtown ride' by aussie band 'the seekers' too, which earned us a rousing standing ovation from the pub next door...

it's just how we roll you guys.
and then there were the sweets. lindt have really outdone themselves this father's day, with incredible dad-centric chocolate flavours in their new 'hello' range; caramel brownie, strawberry cheesecake and cookies and cream being the obvious favourites as far as the girls went, with the adorable solid chocolate golf balls being the winning pieces as far as the kid was concerned. how do i know it's solid chocolate you ask? well, that's because i was foolish enough to try and crack it open against my head.

when the weather proved it wasn't intending to clear up for our fauxther's day picnic, we decided to throw in the towel and make our ways home instead. we were full of delicious chocolates and foods from our childhood, and we'd done a smashing job honouring our dads on their bonus english father's day.

if only they'd known, eh? i suppose that would have made it even more special... 
how did you spend your father's day?