street feast london | dalston

by now you must be up to speed with the ten stone i've gained over the last few weeks; i have been eating out here, there and everywhere it seems, but, i ain't mad at that. i adore food, me, especially new-to-me foods, tasty seasonal specials and naturally - the ultimate hipster event, a pop up food festival.

so, when carmen saw on facebook that street feast was heading back to dalston yard (closest tubes are dalston junction or dalston kingsland on the overground) for the summer months, and this just happened to coincide with her birthday(ish)(girlfriend has an entire birthday month), well, it didn't take much to convince the mandem to try something new; after a couple after-work drinks (it would be too cheeky to forfeit a tradition we've worked so hard to establish!) last friday we headed east, keen to line our bellies with some local delights!

with our £3 entry fee (after 8pm daily) paid, we wandered the street food traders, letting our noses lead the way. a couple of the gang had beaten us in and already made their decisions - a quick couple of bites of the most amazing ribs you'll ever taste had us sold on wanting ribs, until we had a bit of the most amazing chargrilled chicken you'll ever taste, then we decided we'd be having chicken. it really was no good - this deciding debacle, so while we tried to choose, we sipped on charles bronson cocktails from the bar (clever name) and picked on everyone else's choices.

our inability to choose what to eat was off the richter, but while we wandered, we found the next best thing; bento box from hot box, which contained some pork rib, some chargrilled chicken and some spicy sausage, plus two kinds of side salads. all for less than a tenner. carmen and i shared one, and we were fullllllll, so it was a fiver well bloody spent i'd say. delicious!

honourable mentions from the rest of the gang were the hot doughnuts from you doughnut, pork buns from yum bun and the pork ribs from the one and only rib man. swear to god, if you're a foodie, or even just a bit of a hipster, then this place is your mecca this summer. it combines my two favourite things; bearded men and pork ribs (and booze), so i for one will definitely be back (before 8pm to avoid the pesky door fee!).

what about you - will i see you down there this summer?