summer shoe edit

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(gah... there are so many pretty shoes out there on the internet at the moment!)

as the temperatures soar* here in the uk and our legs are finally released from their daily lycra confines, i'm now faced with the inevitable morning struggle of exactly which pair of sandals to wear with which maxi dress. it's really quite the first world problem i have, you know. a problem that's exacerbated by the fact that all the sandals i have neatly stored in a neon pink bin inside my wardrobe are all from last year, and looking a little worse for wear. it really feels like - despite the promise that winter summer definitely was coming, this weather really crept up on us this year, huh? 

well, this weekend i'm headed to stratford westfield with the mother, and hope to squeeze in a spot of primark hauling while i'm there (at the very least i need to up my cheap sandal game), so hopefully my dire footwear sitch is vastly improved by the end of the weekend. and if not, then you should probably know that i am a uk 6/39, and i'll happily take anything from that there bunch of pastel beauties; each and every one would easily improve any outfit i could possibly wear in the next three weeks of summer we're expecting.

*and by "soar" i mean rise to highs of 26 degrees celsius around lunchtime and then stay muggy all day. it's really some quite uncomfortable weather, you know. and yes, i am from australia, and yes i should be used to this weather, but as i've lived in london for the best part of four years now, i've grown accustomed to perma-winter instead. i hate being sweaty, it's legit the worst feeling in the world.

and actually, the cold never bothered me anyway.
(you're welcome)