frock swap | aztec and blue will never do

shoes*: bhs | dress c/o f&f | jacket : new look | bag : primark

ugh. when rachel picked this dress from f&f way back when we started our frock swap challenge, i cringed. there is nothing i like about this dress. firstly, it's blue. i haaaaate blue (unless pastel, obvs). it's blue and it's aztec print (is there a more terrible print?). it's blue, aztec print, and it's a structured, power dress. i mean, it's the perfect dress if you work in a fun office, don't hate blue, and are a really important person, but as i cannot claim to be or do any of those things... it was looking dire for me. 

i had kinda blocked the dress from my memory too, as i was scheduled to receive this last of the four of us, so when it did turn up last week, all those cringey feelings came right on back. i maybe even chucked in on a pile of other clothes, and tried to forget about it again. but then i thought maybe rachel would want it back at some point (because she actually looked amazing in it, unsurprisingly), so took a good, hard look in my wardrobe, and did what i could with the thing that i had no hope for.

being that we're into summer now, and when the girls had their go it was still very much not, i've added some warm colours. i thought a dress this powerful deserves heels, but seeing as i have none, i settled for coral wedges. the jacket is the perfect pastel shade of the shoes, and compliments the pattern in the dress by not being 'too bright'. i think. at least that's what i told myself to make this outfit work. the bag is neutral and just kind of ties it all up in a nice litte aztecky bow.

maybe a bit too casual for the office, but the pops of coral make this wintery dress a little more summer ready... don't you think? hmmm. anyway, here's how rachel and donna wore it (apologies - cannot find rachel's original post, nor debbie's post in the dress!);

so, besides the fact i didn't actually wear it, who d'ya think styled it best?
answers on a postcard (or, comments) please.