w.i.w.t | it's all white being pastel perfect

dress c/o fashion union | hat*: select | necklace c/o a-mart | shoes*: bhs | bag : asos

eurgh, bare arms will be the death of me; so undesirable. but, this dress from fashion union calls for them because of all of the pretty that needs to be on show! originally, when i opened the parcel from fu i was slightly gutted; i'd ordered the pink version, yet received the purple version. when i stopped to realise the complete #firstworldproblems of the sitch, i decided it was actually a blessing in disguise; i own a zillion pink dresses already, it was probably a good thing that the good folk behind the scenes at fu messed up the order and sent the other option, really.

i really love the flocked effect of the fabric - i have a similar dress from primark in black and white that gets uber compliments when i wear it out, and it's only a really simple dress; it's slightly too big on me, and so it is my "comfy dress". it's a good day when your back up dress scores all the compliments, let me tell you!

so, when i saw the flocked pastel numbers online, i knew i wanted to add to my collection. as with all my online shopping woes though, this one doesn't quite fit perfectly. it's probably a half a size too big, and so is a little gapey around the arms and around the waist. i tried it with a belt, but i didn't like the look of it. instead,  i kinda dig the shifty way this dress sits around the bust and then flares out into the skirt. it's definitely not unflattering, although if i could have it my way, i would probably get a smaller size and let the jersey fabric do it's stretchy thing.

i also kind of wish it had cap or 3/4 sleeves on it. although the current weather does not call for them, i just feel a bit more 'put together' when my bingo wings aren't on display for all and sundry. you feel me? i do love how easy it was to accessorise all of the colours with the dress though, largely in part to the fact the print is pretty much white, with the background being the lilac shade. perfectly pastel, as always eh!