w.i.w.t | firm(oo) favourites

so last week you were introduced to my new 'special girl' glasses; something a little bit fun and weekend-friendly. sure, they're freaken adorable, and perfect for a my-little-pony outing with my mum, but what about all those other times when impaired vision isn't the order of the day and lilac-rimmed specs maybe aren't as acceptable as i wish they could be? well, that's where the creatively named #f1016 by firmoo* comes in.
with their large frames and clear inner-rim, these babies are my new daily wear. the clear inner frame is sooo super essential for me, as i'm not used to wearing dark frames and have found with others in the past that the frame can actually impair my vision even more by creating blind spots and such - ya know, makes it hard to see around the frame. might sound dumb, but it's real for me. really real.

before these black frames came into my life, i was forever changing it up between the four pairs of similar-looking tortoiseshell frames i have in rotation from here, there and everywhere else. i never really stopped to asses my collection before adding to it in the past, generally deciding that 'brown compliments my colouring, and black is too heavy for me'. this is before i'd even tried black glasses on, of course. then one day i tried a pal's black frames on, took one look in the mirror, and fell more in love with my own face than before (ha! not possible)(*winky emoji*) so, when firmoo offered to fill the void in my collection that is a black frame, i jumped at the chance.

and, as with the pastel pair, they were super easy to order, arrived in next to no time, and came in a really super heavy duty case that means they can be battered within an inch inside my bag and not feel a thing. oh and - this is the best bit; the cleaning cloth that comes standard with all their frames is legit the best cloth i have ever had in my possession. it trumps all cloths that have come before it that have done nothing but smear the crap all over my lenses rather than actually eliminate the crap.

i'm so taken with the firmoo cloth that i use it for multiple purposes now too; cleaning my phone screen (it's never been less greasy!), my laptop screen, and even my records before i play them. i can't believe i've written so many words about the cleaning cloth, but trust me, firmoo's are game changers.

tell me things about me in black frames; did i make the right choice?