the weekend edition

omg you guys. ok, so; for those of you who follow along on instagram (and if not, be glad you didn't over the weekend, but also... why you no follow?), you'll be pretty up to speed on what i did this weekend. for those who don't follow or have been living under a rock, well here's the deal.
around lunch time on friday, my work buddy (and fellow blogger) amy swaggered over to my desk as i was trying desperately to watch the first episode of the new orange is the new black series, and tried to start a conversation about the weekend. i was pretty into my stories, and so hardly paid her any mind, thinking she was just being chatty. no. oh no. she stared at me and repeated her question, "what are you doing this weekend that can't be cancelled?"

that can't be cancelled? i had planned to check out kerb at southbank with rebekah and co, do some chores, and mostly watch a lot of oistnb, and so i told her as much. "how would you like a free trip to butlin's instead?" she asked. butlin's? what on earth is a butlin's? (please remember, i am not from around here) once i'd done some research and checked out the authenticity of the claim, and then with the added hope of meeting my johnny castle, group activities in the sun and carrying a watermelon dancing in my head, it had been decided; we were going to butlin's!

(nb: the long and the short of the 'free trip' is that another work friend had bought four tickets to a comedy festival being held in the the resort for the weekend, and the other three mates had all bailed last minute. not wanting to let these tickets go to waste, he asked amy if she could think of anyone who would be up for it, and she totally suggested us!)

i could barely contain my excitement; i spoke with a manager at work and managed to wrangle an early minute so i could go home and pack, and before you knew it i was racing home, forcing a ham sandwich down my throat and throwing random items of clothing into a bag, before casually slamming my front door shut and instantly realising i'd locked my keys inside. curses! with no time to assess the situation i headed to the train, victoria bound for our 7pm train out to bognor regis!

i met amy and alex at victoria train station, where we bought some return tickets and a whooooole lot of booze to fill our paper cups, and made our way to the platform. with an arrival time of near on nine pm, we sat back, settled in and got the party started! the journey up was easy, and those two hours simply flew by; by the time we reached our final destination, we were tired, but looking forward to checking out our home for the weekend. so what did we do? well, we went and did what what any self respecting out-of-towners would do while on holiday at the seaside.... got white girl wasted.

more on that another time.