a partially palatial palace

on sunday, i made my way westward (again); i mentioned earlier in the week that mother dear and i were planning to take in all the glory that wimbledon common could offer by way of a wee crafty market, well as it turns out, i was wrong. it wasn't at wimbledon at all, it was in mumma's ends instead, along the putney embankment. so i dutifully made my way out to her the quickest way i possibly could on a sunday with limited services, and we strolled along the river market for all of about... eighteen minutes, because the market was saaaaaah small! i picked up a few cute prints for my new room, but i was uninspired, and a little disappointed! i'd come all this way!

we decided rather than head in, we'd head over the bridge and make our way into the fulham palace grounds for a wee wander instead. i'd never been before, and mum had only seen it from afar. seemed like a great idea! please see above pictures of my mother giving her best 'tourist' pose, and me looking forlorn with a splitty fringe in a doorway. you're welcome.
the grounds and garden were beautiful; well looked after, bright and colourful. it was such a gorgeous day too, so there were families hanging out, picnicking on the lawn and playing kicksport with their kids and dogs. the palace itself was... underwhelming, to say the least. we walked in and out in under a minute; not really a lot to be seen, as the drawing rooms have been turned into dining rooms and cafes now, so have sort of lost the old school charm i'd been expecting. smelt like freshly baked goods though, which is always a bonus.

we took the detour back through bishop's park and along the river path, stopping to play with puppies as they approached, and take some respite from the sun on the tree-lined path. it was hot, and we were pooped! we headed to the shops and grabbed some crackers for our cheeses and dips we'd picked up in a random artisan market in bishop's park, and sat in mum's garden snacking until it was time for me to head off home.

sunday; you're doing it right.