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w.i.w.t | monochrome magic

bun crown : roses and clementines | dress : monki | belt : primark  bag c/o lydc | shoes : debenhams

please, for the love of all that's holy, do not comment on the lack of tights. it was about a gazillion degrees up in hurr when i took these pictures and i could not bring myself to add another layer of skin to me, just to please the internet. i hope you can forgive me.

we can discuss this outfit though. namely the dress. and bun crown. and bag. and, i guess the shoes too. i picked up the dress in the sale at monki in the week, intending for it to be my outfit for holi (festival of colour) this weekend,  but... hale no i am not wearing this dress in the middle of a paint-throwing festival, because hot dayum it is the most perfect white lace dress i have ever owned. the capped sleeves are adorably scalloped and totally hold my bingo wings in place. the length is still mid-thigh, but the lace overlay is slightly longer, which actually made me feel ok about not wearing tights on the internet. go figure!

it's lined, obviously, which means no tacky slip underneath too, and it's made from super comfy fabric that moves and stretches with me - no zips or anything, straight jersey dress that'super wearable and is going to be a summer staple i reckon. i bloody reckon so!

but, this bag by lydc. i don't even know what i can say about it that's not already blindingly obvious. guys, it's a love heart. it's a bag in the shape of a love heart. it's so well made and ... well, structurally sound - and i don't mean that in a 61-point check way, but it's just bloody sturdy. i mean, it's shaped like a heart (we've discussed this already), but the zip at the top follows the curve of the heart with no trouble. i don't know if i expected trouble, but i wasn't expecting such sound construction.

with a pearly white dress and and an adorably kitsch black bag to style, i thought about adding pops of colour, but i mean... that's just "so erica!" and so i didn't. i decided to throw caution to the wind and stick to a purely monochrome ensemble, so added this ginormous but gorgeous bun crown from roses and clementines and these babe'n wedges i picked up last year in the debs sale. i mean... for someone who doesn't really do 'black', i apparently do 'monochrome' pretty well.

you guys, this whole outfit is just the realness. care to discuss?
(ps. how well did i *nail* the blogger pose in pic one!?)


  1. Funny enough the one thing that caught my eye was your belt. Are those flowers all over the belt because if so Im in love. Ive been telling myself to invest in more belts…..for wearing at the waist with dresses. I have 2 heart purses I love also, but are on the smaller size. Yours is a great size it seems!

  2. Love this delicate dress! The heart shaped bag adds a little something extra too!

    Jenna from Visions of Vogue

  3. the belt is sweet, huh! yep - black belt with little white daisies! maybe I should have shown a clearer picture... =/ next time! this bag also has a longer chain strap which is perfect for wearing out and about! x

  4. thanks so much Jenna!

  5. Erm, you look fit. That's all I have to say ;) xxx

  6. Oh HEY BLOGGER POSE. Mucho impressivo. Love love the dress. And the shoes. And that gorge heart-shaped bokeh thing you've somehow managed to do with your pic of the bag. I really like that too xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion

  7. No need for tight when it's hot doll!! You look lush, gorgeous dress!! And the heart bag is all kinds of awesome-ness :))) xx

  8. omg it's sooooo hot! thanks doll x

  9. take me. out. take me out somewhere. with drinks? and food? soon. <3

  10. that IS strange... and pointless! oh dear x

  11. thanks so much Jenna X

  12. Serious props on the blogger pose- haha! I'm still perfecting mine. Your hair, though...can we talk about how amazing it is? Please tell us all how it looks so flawless!

  13. Seriously though, how did you do the little heart shaped lighty-thingy on all your pics? Looks gorgeous. TELL ME YOUR SECRETS.

  14. - use the bokeh tool in the effects tab x

  15. well ain't you gorgeous missy! truly a vision in monochrome! i am totally crushing on this look!XXX

  16. ps you without tights is wonderful.. those legs are fabulous! i say let them loose more often. if you've got it (which you most defo have) flaunt it!!XX


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