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31 March 2015

frock swap | ring-a-ring a rosie...

i will admit, when this dress of char's turned up, i had no idea what i was going to do. it is shapeless, has massive pockets right around the thigh/bum area, and... is very loud. and that's hard for me to say, because i am a huge fan of colour, as you well know. and yet, as soon as i saw the print and cut of the dress, it sent my mind racing with how on earth i was going to style it.

i tried adding a belt to bring it in around the waist, but that just pulled all the excess fabric together and made me look...well, frumpy, which is not my favourite. it has ties attached to it that sit in a really awkward position on me, not quite across my back, but not quite under my bust, so, i wasn't sure how to really utilise that option either.

dress : charlotte's | shirt + boots : primark | ring c/o jewel street

eventually, i criss-crossed the ties across the front and then tied them to the back, meaning i could flatten some of the fabric down and pull it around my body toward the back also. this isolated just how much fabric was left to drown my bottom half. to hide the excess fabric at my back, i decided a long-line layer was needed, so naturally i wanted to grab for my fluffy cardi. but. it. was. in. the. wash! not sure how to proceed, i threw open all my drawers until my eyes rested upon my chambray shirt from a couple of seasons ago. i've not worn it in an age, and (yes, i know, yawn) it's now a little big for me, but is there a fabric more suitable for spring than chambray? answer: no.

if we're talking springtime suitability, then surely rose gold is another trend that's got to be hankering for it's turn in the spotlight again. this rose gold heart ring* by fiorelli came from jewel street - which, if you don't know anything about me, is my new fave website for accessories. it's basically like asos, but just for jewellery and accessories. there are over 300 independent boutiques ready to be shopped from, and you check out in one go; you can have multiple designers' pieces in your basket, but just one easy check out option. it's the lazy girl's (me) dream come true

i've been wearing rings *daily* (still take them off at night time) since my lovely stackers arrived last summer, and this wee pink thing has now been moved into the rotation. the rest of my rings are silver, and this is my only rose gold piece - perhaps i will keep it for wednesdays, perhaps not. anyway, it's definitely love(heart), which has to be why i chose it, i suppose.

here's how char and ally styled the garden print dress... who wore it best?
answers on a postcard (or, below).

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  1. I love what you've done with this! It works so well. I really need to start thinking how I can make this work for me X


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