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10 March 2015

snapshots | glasgow, scotland (pt. 1)

on saturday morning rebekah and i were up totally early, bound for euston, to get a train to scotland's finest city (drumroll please)...glasgow! i've been to edinburgh a couple of times now, and even into the highlands, but i'd never been to glasgow before. since meeting glaswegian lynsay about a year ago, and having hosted her a couple of times in london, checking out her hometime has been on my agenda for some time now. so, when the possibility arose, it was a given.

we arrived just after one in the afternoon, and walked the short walk to our hotel. the travelodge glasgow central was no more than a fifteen minute walk from the main station, which meant that on the way there we were able to take in some of the varied buildings and sights that the city had to offer. we casually strolled past derelict buildings sat next to new-build hotels, terraced offices built in completely different decades, and the incredibly intricate architecture of the city.

before arriving, we'd planned to grab a cab to the hotel as we'd been promised nothing but rain, but with bright grey skies sparring us on, we took a gamble, and headed off on foot.

we weren't able to check in until after three pm without paying an extra ten quid, so instead, we dumped our bags and headed out on the city's mural trail; a bunch of street art murals were commissioned by the local council for derelict buildings and vacant shop fronts as part of a regeneration project. the portfolio of completed works has continued to expand since to include additions from some of the uk's best street artists.

we followed the map as best we could, and ticked off a couple of our personal favourites; we started in ingram street with smug's "fellow glasgow residents" and the giant toadstools, located the "spaceman" in new wyn, headed into mitchell street to see "the world's most economical taxi cab" and smug's "honey i shrunk the kids", and then finished our street art tour of the city with klingatron's own "glasgow's panda".

hours of walking had shredded our already weary (sitting for five hours is exhausting) feet, so from there we headed back to the hotel to finally check in, and rest our weary bones before our big night on the town with the glaswegian squad. three hours in to our 26 hour whirlwind tour of the city, and we had already seen and experienced more than we had expected.

play on, glasgow. play on.

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