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5 March 2015

w.i.w.t | the perfect pinafore

pinafore c/o george at asda | boots*: asos | top c/o bon marche | bag c/o lydc london

you might remember this pinny from early last year, when it first winged its way to me thanks to the original frock swap. back then, i was a fair bit chubbier, and so that particular dress no longer fits me. as much as i was sad to say goodbye to it, i sent it to donna for christmas, because she absolutely loved it when it was her turn to swap it, and i'd promised to send it back to her once i was done with it. i mean, it doesn't fit her either, but she's making the most of pinning the pinny, and wearing it while the weather's still allowing thick jumpers underneath. good for her, right?

well, you wouldn't believe my surprise at finding the exact same pinny floating around in the 'overstocked' cupboard at work, having been ordered for someone last year and never claimed. being last season's stock, we couldn't get rid of it to someone else, so it was mine for the taking. in a size 8, i thought there was no way i'd get it on, but i was damn sure i was going to try. and try i did.

and it bloody fit like a dream. i cannot fathom how, but it does. and with my new suede boots giving me the height and slimmer legs i've always dreamed of, i felt absolutely incredible

true story.

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