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19 March 2015

w.i.w.t | inspired by london

when boohoo.com challenged me to create an outfit based on 'my special place', i knew i was going to struggle to come up with just one outfit. when i sat and thought hard about where my special place is, i got really stuck. see, for me, london is my special place. there are hundreds of placed within the city that are special and important and hold incredible memories for me, and so to pick just one of those places was proving to be torture. so instead, i've tried to create springtime outfits, completely inspired by this wonderful town, and the fantastic secrets and memories it's given me...

dress : boohoo | boots*: asos | flower crown : spitalfields market | bag : primark

one of my absolute favourite places to wander aimlessly is columbia road flower market - cliche, maybe, but it genuinely is one of the friendliest markets in london. sure, there are still thousands of people vying for the best bunches of flowers, but there's more of a camaraderie in that market than any other - there's an unspoken rule that you mustn't grab at someone else's flowers, that you must walk up one side and down the other, and you must wait your turn. 

and then there's all the wonderful colours and scents in the air, that sure as hell make a nice change from what the local streets usually smell like. there are wonderfully strange new flowers discovered almost every single time i venture down there, but still, i am always drawn to two things: bright pink roses, and the purple brassica. i just adore the idea of a cabbage in a vase, and the brassica is such a pretty looking thing, that it inspired this look. the lilac lace, grey boots and floral crown were the simplest tribute i could offer to such a wonderfully vibrant road.

dress c/o boohoo | bag c/o george at asda | boots*: asos | necklace : ooooold

when i think about the place i tend to spend the most of my time (outside of my own bedroom, ha), it's definitely along the southbank. the views both east and west on a good day cannot be faulted, and it's the place i remember being so amazed and floored by on my very first ever trip into the city. the bright blue skies against the shades of grey of the buildings on the horizon inspired my next look.

blue isn't a colour you'd normally associate with me, but the one blue i can handle is a chambray denim. light and loose, it's a great fabric and colour to transition from one season to another, and looks great teamed with both dark and light grey, as well as silver tones. the chunky boots were a nod to big ben himself, while the sleek pony was a tribute to the carousel horses that live under waterloo bridge. pay no attention that that picture claims they're brighton horses... they are... i couldn't get out to the bank to get a decent picture on a decent day. life!

dress c/o boohoo | boots*: asos | floral crown : primark

and to round out the tribute to london, i was inspired by my favourite of the english seasons; autumn. in australia it gets really hot, really quickly, and so we kind of miss out on the leaves changing, falling, gathering and blowing away. they sort of just.. die on the trees, then (sadly) the trees usually catch on fire and are burned away. the first autumn season i spent in london was one i won't ever forget.

the gorgeous bright oranges and deep reds of the leaves turning colour, as well as the prettiest shades of pink in between, inspired this last look. it's hard to tell in the long shots, but this dress has such lovely shades of pink and cream through it, that it reminds me so much of the season. what it needed what tan boots, but the ones i have aren't.. right for this outfit, i need the ones from my wishlist last week to fully complete the look, but the black boots will do for now. 

if you had to create an outfit around your special place, where would it be?
and, which is your favourite look?

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