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24 March 2015

w.i.w.t | totally tubular

tee : primark | skirt : h&m | boots*: asos | necklace : primark

i did a stupid thing a couple of weeks ago, and foolishly braved oxford street on a saturday. i had a click-and-collect parcel to pick up - that i'd forgotten about until the last possible day to collect it, and so 'had' to go in on a saturday before they 'sent it back'. like that actually ever happens, but... fear mongering is a real thing, and i totally wanted the things i'd bought in the spur of the moment and couldn't remember and have since returned 3/5 of. yes, see, foolish.

anyway, seeing as i was there, i had a quick nosey. i do mean quick - i was literally in and out of that bitch in under an hour - including trying on and lining up to refund and being told you can't return with 30 minutes of picking up, and then relining up 15 minutes later to be told that if you've paid via paypal then you can only refund to a gift card, and then leaving the store with all unwanted purchases so i could return via the post and get my full refund. what was my point again?

anyway, so i popped into h&m while i was being generally pissed off by new look, and found the most adorable tube skirt in the sale for only a couple of quid. i don't really 'do' tube skirts - mainly because of the pancake-flat ass i have, and also because they're not really all that flattering on me (in my mind), and.. well anyway, it was a couple quid. whatever. then i got it home and wore it and omg i am in actual love with a piece of fabric. the print is so pretty and girly and so meeeee and it's a great little skirt for spring - flat ass and all!

i'm hoping the more i wear these chunky boots, the firmer, more pert, and higher my ass will become. that IS how it works, right? cool. pray for me. this skirt is a new favourite!

(ps. i'm growing my fringe out and it's suuuuch an annoying length right now, ugh!)

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