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25 February 2013

the a to z of me:: h

h is for hair

i've been dyeing my own hair since i can remember. from about age 12 or 13 i was experimenting with wash-in wash-out colours, much to my mother's horror, so much so that now my natural hair colour is but a distant memory. i've just dyed my hair again this past weekend - and what was supposed to be 'rich dark brown' has left me with some unwanted reaaaaally dark red roots. the truth is, i'm naturally really light. like, dirty blonde probably. but my natural hair has a overactive red pigment, that attaches itself to anything warm. so now i have vibrant, shiny roots and still the unwanted ombre remains.

as a child, my hair was always short. bobbed or cropped, there was never really ever much length to it. when i took over the maintenance of my hair as a teenage, this all changed. i tried (and failed) to grow it down my back - i'd usually get as far as the bra strap then lop it again in frustration. i loved to experiment with hair - everybody's, not just mine, and i would always be the one delegated to perform the uniformed hair braids or funky styles during sleepovers or nights out. yes, funky styles. i've always been fascinated by hair, and once even considered doing a media hair and make up course after school, because everyone thought i had real talent.

that didn't pan out.

i have had my fair share of dodgy hair cuts and colours. every single one of my 5 high school year book photos has me with a different colour and style. my mum hates that fact. i've been short, black and emo, i've been long, blonde and wispy. i once had a chemical mullet, and was once properly ginger of my own choosing. last year you'll remember my pink ombre that turned my ends to dried out curry sauce so badly that i had to cut about 4 inches off in total to get it back to healthy. the things we learn eh? 

fringe, no fringe, the asymmetrical fringe. short layers long layers, hair cut into a V. choppy hair, curly hair, straight, shiny hair. as yet, no perm.

considering the changes as a teen/young adult, my hair style's been pretty consistent over the last few years. like, to the point of people asking me if i'm ok when i wear it differently. it's easy! my heavy fringe, half-up do and big bow clip is my daily constant - it takes no thought. and, i'm the girl with the bow. that's how people at work know me if they don't know me. i am the girl with the bows.
it could be worse.

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