24 January 2013

recipe:: red thai laksa

this week i made the most amaaaaazing red thai laksa - completely made from scratch. whenever i have a craving for something, the desire needs to be satisfied immediately. because it's been soooo cold, i've been trying to warm myself from the inside out; and i've been hanging for a proper curry. on the way home from work on thursday we popped into chinatown and picked up some essentials, and the best part - ready in 15 minutes. delicious!

to recreate this, you will need:
chicken, prawns or tofu
straight-to-wok noodles
a heap of fresh veg, i used:
>snow peas
>red pepper
>spring onion
a fresh lime (or juice)
fresh coriander
coconut milk
traditional red curry paste
and here's how you'll do it:
1. prep all the ingredients, heat oil in a wok. 2. brown meat for five minutes on medium heat, then add in the vegies. 3. allow to steam for about five minutes, mixing every minute or so. 4. mix two tablespoons of curry paste and 400ml of boiling water in a jug, then pour over the steamed veg in the wok. 5. mix in 400ml of coconut milk, a quarter at a time, mixing as you go. 6. add the noodles and make sure all is mixed through. 7. finely chop some coriander and sprinkle over the mixture. 8. squeeze in the zest of half a lime. 9. one last stir. 10. serve and enjoy!
it was spicy and delicious, and hit the spot (i'm still cold though...). if you make this dish, link it to me in the comments - i'd love to know what you think!


  1. I've just bookmarked this, I always use thai green curry paste so I'd love to branch out to red! Will definitely be making this in the coming weeks.

    1. ohhh green was ALWAYS my go-to, then i discovered red and never looked back! x

  2. This looks delicious! Just what I need in this snowy weather too =) xx

  3. Oooh it was looking so good... Until the coriander. CORIANDER IS THE DEVIL. Even if I smell it I taste it for days afterwards. True story. Will obvs give this a go anyway, just minus the coriander demon xx

    1. ohhhh i love coriander! you can definitely make it without it :) let me know what you think if you try it! xx

  4. That looks sooo good. Deffo a plan for the weekend. YUM.


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