recipe:: that's nacho cheese!

yesterday i was craving nachos. i wanted the lot: salsa, guacamole, sour cream and cheese. what mama wants, mama gets. i had to go to two different grocery stores on the way home to get all the ingredients (i like to make my own salsa! and sadly no avocados in season so had to buy pre-made. boo!), and walk home in a frosty thick cloud of frost. (say frost again). it was so cold it hurt my insides to breath. but it was totes worth it for the gut-full of chilli nachos i devoured late last night. here i share with you my recipe:

you will need:
3 x sweet bell peppers (one in each other colour to be fun!)
2 x ripe tomatoes
1 x giant packet of corn chips (best for snacking after)
1 x tablespoon of tomato paste
1/2 x tin red kidney beans 
1 x packet of cheaty packet chilli mix
1 x ripe avocado (or pot of guacamole)
1 x pot of sour cream or natural yoghurt
1 x handful of grated cheese
sweet chilli sauce
a lime/lime juice

1. cut up the peppers and chuck them in a sauce pan with a bit of oil, til they sizzle. 2. then dice the tomatoes and throw this into the pan (with the juice! you need the juice!). 3. mix all together, add half a tin of beans and eat some corn chips to make sure they taste ok... 4. cut up the avocado and throw into a bowl; mix with some lime juice and sweet chilli sauce. 5. sprinkle half the packet of cheaty chilli mix over the beans etc; 6. stir all together. mix in the tomato paste. 7. grate up some cheese then lay some corn chips on a large plate. 8. give the salsa one last mix up then dollop over the crisps on the plate. 9. layer the chili salsa goop with some cheese, guacamole and sour cream. 10. devour.