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4 January 2013

in this year, i do pledge

1. learn how to crochet. i want to make a granny square blanket for my bed, and cute head band thingos..
2. expand my recipe collection, and start collating my own recipe book, for future generations. i shall call it "erica's easy peasy meals, for lazy ladies"(patent pending).

3. buy a house move into a nice little flat, a flat for 2, not a flat for 2 + a crazy person who owns the house. i shall decorate it in all mid-century furniture and cath kidston print and floral throws and crochet doilies. and get a fish. this is the extent of my desire to procreate.
4. do more things. things that aren't just shopping. i vow to be more entertaining in my blogging for you lovelies this year.
5. eat less junk food. (lets be real here, this one is void.)
5. make new friends! i already have a playdate planned with my new friend kim from 'what peggy said', but i would love to meet up with more of you - and try and get to some networking events this year (if you'll let me?) and just hang out with some more awesome people... outside of my regular awesome people, of course.. even if it's just online, let's hang out more, yeah?

so blog, that is my pledge to you.