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11 January 2013

five things

welcome to yet another brand new series i'm introducing to le blawg, for some regularity. don't fret - this'll be the last introduction you'll get from me for a while. 'five things' will be my take on the standard 'things i love thursday' or 'friday favourites', but with... well, five things. things that've made me smile, made me think, or maybe, just things i'd like to share with you. so, here we go...

1. for all you animal lovers out there, you need to read this, then go and and check out this and this (thanks to charlotte for sharing those links).

2. this fantastic 'eff you' to society over at the militant baker called 25 things fat people shouldn't do, and jes' follow up posts. you go girl!

3. katie. especially in this dress. and more because of 15% off the new dear creatures line when you enter 'skunkboy' at the checkout (not to mention the $15 voucher they sent me in an instagram promo!) (and in other katie news, this one makes amazing choices!)

4. this amazing post by kaelah on 'random acts of kindness', in particular, this fantatsic chain of events that lasted well over 3 hours...amazing! why does nothing like that happen to me?

5. this friggen cuuuuuuuuuuuuute bag i found on ebay - for only a fiver! is it an owl? is it a fox? someone said it's a raccoon..? i don't know what it is... it was advertised as an owl, but i love it!

how'd we go, you still there? oh, good! that was painless really! until next friday...