31 January 2013

award season


the lovely sam has gone and done it again.. another leibster nod. i'm going to have to get boyfriend to build me a shelf to keep them all on soon! i kid. seriously though, such a fantastic feeling that someone has taken time out of their day to not only read, but follow and then tell other people to do the same. i will never be able to express the sheer gratitude i have for you lovely people, who actually come and read my drivel. you folks make me very happy indeed.

the questions from sam:

  1. what is your favourite animal? puppies. i am soooo not a cat person. puppies make me cry happy cute soft fluffy tears of fun and happiness.
  2. favourite/fail-proof recipe? this one. yuuum, etc.
  3. what is your most unusual talent? does bargain hunting count? no.. i suppose not.
  4. if you were inventing a cocktail, what would be your three core ingredients, and what would you call it? pink champagne, vodka and strawberry puree; the pink lady.
  5. which beauty process do you hate the most? applying liquid eyeliner. *bore.
  6. give me one interesting fact about your home town. adelaide is the number 1 murder capital of the world.
  7. if you won the lottery today, what would you do differently tomorrow? sleep the hell in. then go shopping in the posh bit at westfield. and i'd take a cab.
  8. what's the best holiday you've ever been on? this one, happening right now.
  9. favourite fictional character? fat amy.
  10. winter or summer? bore off! winter. forever.
  11. who would play you in a movie about your life? i've thought long and hard about this, and i have come up with a list: the tween me would need to be played by a squeaky clean 'full-house' version of marykateandashley olsen. the young adult me would be (obviously) the gorrrrrgeous 'superbad' version of emma stone, duh. the proper adult me would have to be played by ms mcadams around the notebook days, and finally the settling down and having a baby, end of the story me would be best portrayed by the stunning drew barrymore...in her current state. so, obviously i fancy myself a bit of a ginger-haired screen siren. no big deal.
surely you can see the resemblance?

thank you all once again for inflating my ego daily and letting me do silly things like this on the actual internet.


  1. I love your answers to the last question haha :)

    1. can you tell i've been preparing that answer for years? (i have)

  2. I love who you picked to play you! If I was asked that I would say..no clue?! You have sat and thought about it. :)

    1. only because i would be stoked to a) have a movie made about my life and b) have any of those gorgeous ladies play me! x

  3. Aw dayum, I just nominated you too haha xo

    1. no michelle, really? so sweet! i really am gonna need a shelf soon, haha! x

  4. Well done x


  5. It took me AGES to think of an answer to the last question when a friend asked me. I said Kat Dennings in the end. Love how you have a FULL ANSWER already prepared. Also, make me a cocktail ta. x


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