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16 January 2013

w. i. w. t.

if you've been here before, you know my current jumper obsession; it's no secret i have a lot of them and they're in pretty swift rotation. you will also know my love for all things yellow (see previous wiwt post for further evidence), so it seemed like fate when i stumbled upon this beauty in the pre-christmas-christmas-sales last year.

this dress is so. cute. it was full price - if you know me at all, you know i have a strong devotion to my 'if it's not on sale you don't need it' mantra, but.. well this one was a must-have. it's a gorgeous baroque pattern that almost feels embroidered. it's got cute little cap sleeves making it a super flattering dress to take me into spring too - paired with some tan pumps and a pastel cardi and away we go! and this belt, well. the perfect width for over a jumper (not normally a fan of this look, but this jumper+belt combo works really well i think?), and just the perfect sized buckle as a statement. 

these booties! i die! i saw them on a work friend (in navy) one day last week, and that night they were mine. the colour is perrrrrfect for my autumn/winter 13 wardrobe, and (after the first, initial wearing in of the) they're suuuuuuper comfy too! because of the rubber heel and sole, i just bounce around the place! these are the first 'heels' i have ever owned and actually worn out. they simply go with everything. everything. which is precisely why they're scuffed after only a week.

the bow is standard.

dress: primark 
jumper: h&m
booties: primark
bow: from here


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  1. Love the shoes, love the dress. Not sure about that jumper though... ;)

    1. i wonder how many other suckers own it though.... x

  2. Love the outfit! Wahhh I can't remotely wear jumpers and I wish I could! I look like a sausage in a tube sock. That's not a good look. Maybe trying a belt would help! Love our colourful your outfit is :-) xx

    1. i doubt that! i used to think the same, then i tried (plus it's bloody cold) and as long as they're cropped, it really works! just tryyyyyyyy kirsty! x

  3. Super cuteness!! I love the yellow. Looks so happy! ;-)

  4. love this outfit, wish I could wear jumpers but I am always hot, even when it's -5 outside! The whole jumper over a cute dress is perfect on you x
    Angela x

    If you have time would love you to drop by my blog, only been blogging for less than two weeks! comments/follows/criticism etc all welcome x


    1. i thought i would be the same, but turns out i was wrong! i love them and don't go out without one on now :) i'm definitely going to check out your blog - looks like it's about my favourite thing: cheap stuff! x


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