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29 January 2013

recipe:: bitsa soup

yes well.. apparently when i get paid, i buy hundreds of pounds worth of fresh produce. so, what to do? make some soup! i'm pretty sure i've shared a similar recipe with you before, but whatever. for the new readers, here is my favourite soup: bitsa soup, named as such as it has 'bitsa everyfink' in it. innit!

here's what you'll need:
you will also need some fresh coriander (or not, kirsty!), and the standard salt, pepper and olive oil.

here's how you'll do it:
1. dice all of the things. about 2cm squares is good, but.. whatever really.
2. 'sweat' the raw ingredients (veggies) in some oil, in a big pot over a low heat until they're well sweaty and oily and then chuck in some salt and pepper.
3. dissolve one stock cube in 2 cups of boiling water, and pour over the veggies (if this doesn't cover all the veggies in the pot, add slightly more until mostly all under water).
4. let that simmer on low-heat for 30 minutes, or until you are able to mash the contents of the pot with no hassle.
5. mash until all the water is gone (this is when you wanna add your coriander too, just a small hand full), then move all contents to the blender.
6. blend to your heart's content.
7. move back to the pot, and pour in 100ml of yoghurt (or more, if you fancy), and more salt and pepper.
8. taste.
9. pour into bowl.
10. serve!
perfect for an easy lunch or supper with some crusty bread or buttered toast. yum!