25 January 2013

five things

1. i was trawling my interwebs and came across the most perfect post with the prettiest pictures. these pictures inspire me to keep travelling. thankfully, i can tick a fair number off that list, but, there are thousands more pretty things to see. bring it on!

2. modcloth are having a mahooosive sale. you do shop at modcloth? i am a long time window shopper. to be honest, they don't have a very good international postage deal. and, i remember donna's story about having to pay customs tax as well as the USPS postage to the UK. she paid about £20 postage on something was really only around the same price. so.. it helps with a sale, but.. 
dear modcloth, sort your shipping service out! asos ships internationally and doesn't charge the earth! sheeeeesh.

3. in other news, my mint love-a-thon is still in full force. it's a good thing that pastels are in this spring. i know. pastels. revolutionary. enter this bag with this dress and these shoes. (and this and this and this and this!)

4. this granny chic post puts my little room and recycled dreams to shame. it's perfect. as is emma case's behind the scenes pics from pearl lowe's new book. beautiful pictures.

5. this super pretty bedside table. i adore. i love. this is a must. i think it's just divine! i want, need, must have one of my very own - and stat!
what's been making you happy this week?


  1. Erica! I feel famous, my moaning has made it into your blog. Glad you're raising awareness of the Mod Cloth issue, I was totally unprepared for those whopping costs! Ah, I too am always inspired to travel. Where you off to next? xx

    1. such a shame though...the stuff on that site is amazing! i reaaaaly wanna get to denmark after your travelsm and austria! or even just a trip up north, manchester maybe?! haha :)

  2. AH! I'm loving on Mint as well :) Already stalking you (pretty much lol) but added you on Bloglovin' and your FB shop page :D

    1. always great to have a fellow creep around the place! x


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