the (snowy) weekend edition :: 3

on saturday we awoke to snow. duh. how bored are of you hearing about it? probably a lot. i'm not yet bored of it being here, almost three days later, which is good. i met up with bex and co early-ish for monmouth coffee and a spot of shopping at borough market, where we indulged in the standard brownies and mushroom pate, and splurged on some bermondsey bramble, half a loaf of fresh crusty pain de campagne  and some extra gooey caramel nougat. yuuuuuhm! it started to bucket down as we stood waiting for the bus to take us to the pop up vintage fair in spitalfields, and was fraheeeezing. the fair was fairly lacklustre though - sadly, and i came away with nothing. disappointed and cold, i headed home to warm my feet, eat my pate, and finish watching girls! (this show is addictive)

sunday morning proved a blanket had covered our little patch of the world. we hopped up, grabbed a 'thormos' of cofee, headed out to the park behind our place, and played for ages in the snooooow! puppies, kids, snow hearts and snow angels ruled my life for the best part of our morning, until we were too wet and cold to carry on. movies, tea and toast ruled the remainder. happy!