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30 January 2013


you seriously must excuse the baaaad pictures and face. i was a little worse for wear when i got in after work (and a bottle of wine), that these were the best pictures i could muster. you will note as well that i am sans belt in a few too - i had started to get undressed then remembered and pulled boyfriend out of bed to take the pictures. commitment! 

so three reasons i love this outfit. no, four. 1. i have never been into black or white, or monochrome of any kind. this autumn/winter, i have been utterly obsessed with monochrome patterns with pops of colour. i know this is not a new phenomenon, and in fact is probably common place for most, however for me it is unusual, and i am loving it. 2. statement necklaces, especially pink ones, make me happy inside my belly. 3. this chambray denim shirt that i bought full price last weekend because i saw that dahlia were doing a western thing this spring and wanted in on the action. a funny story: because i have massive boobs (hidden well here) this shirt does not do up all the way, well, not comfortably. so, to be able to manoeuvre easily, i buttoned all the way up, and all the way down, then popped the studs open at the bust so i could move. ta-da! secrets.

4. this fricken adorable ice-cream bag i found on sale for three whole pounds. i had been spying this bag over here for an age, and knew i would never splash the cash and buy it. so how stoked was i to find this beautiful not-quite-the-same-but-definitely-a-keeper at the weekend? very! [it should be made very clear that i received a very special package at work on tuesday, from asos.com, that i did not order myself. when i opened the package, i *squeed!* with excitement, because one very, very, very nice person had bought me the bag that i so coveted. i had to think reaaaaaally hard about if i had actually bought it myself, and even checked my asos account. wasn't me. asked boyfriend, wasn't him. he's sneaky though, and wouldn't have taken the credit, but the receipt showed it was bought before pay day. ergo.. definitely not him. a narrowed down list of potential gifters revealed it was my most favourite person in the whole world, rebekah. she decided that it was for the good of handbag-loving humanity that i have this bag. how spoiled am i!? so, now i have both ice cream pastel bags!]

this outfit was fun, comfortable and a massive bargain. it was a winning combination! and i was repping primark pretty hard that day too... everything but the shoes are primark, the shoes are new look. and probably need a clean. although, i think they broke today. oh noes!

also: note the darker ombre. like/dislike?