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9 January 2013

w. i. w. t.

as part of the new year, new blog regime, here is another new feature: more dodgy iphone pictures of me, taken by not me! i really do need to get a decent camera. but until then, thank you for putting up with my miserable, poorly lit pictures, and just be grateful that they're at least not self taken!

i have had components of this outfit for a while, but not yet worn them all together. as you know, i have been obsesssssed by jumpers over the last month or so, so today it was time for a change! i adore everything about it this outfit; burgandy, polka dots, sweet collar and a pretty mustard bow. oh, and leopard print! complete outfit winning! i had so many compliments today too, which is always nice! this is definitely on the 'favourite' list now - it made my day.

ok, so i lied about the backward mirror shots... but, for the most part, boyfriend took these pictures.

dress: petticoat lane market
shirt + shoes: primark
belt: from another dress
bow: handmade by meeeeeee
earrings: camden market

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  1. What a cute outfit! A girl can never have too many polka dots!

  2. What a cute outfit. I am one of your newest follower. Sending ya love all the way from California. :D

  3. I like your FACE. Can I have it?

  4. I loved your outfit! :)
    So cute! Yor glasses is so really cute! :D

    But I liked your photos with you "poor camera" :)

    have a nice day!



  5. Yay for making bows :) I can't stop! You are adorable, lady.

  6. Grr I left a comment earlier on my phone but it doesn't appear to have reached you. Bloody technology. You look gorge. Love the yellow bow et al. x

  7. Absolutely love the new look - you look gorgeous. xxx


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