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11 February 2013

a to z of me:: f

f is for faaashun

i don't mean to mock, but i can't help it. i realise i post a lottttt of pictures of me in my outfits - but when i do it i tend to do it with a hint of irony. let me explain. i'm not a fashionable girl. i may be 'trendy' in the way i shop - as in, i do buy things when they're in trend, but.. who doesn't? i am not a victim of faaashun. i will not buy something simply because my beloved gok wan tells me to (although i have been guilty of that, and with good reason. this particular dress is adorable and makes me look skinny. and was only a tenner. which i love). i haven't (yet) fallen victim to the 90's revamp (no offence if you have), and i only wear clothes that make me feel adorable, rather than clothes that are age appropriate, comfortable or 'in style'. i don't give a shit if my dress is 'in faaashun'. i just don't. i buy clothes that make me happy, and make people go 'i looooooove that dress! you always wear such pretty things!". yes, yes i do. thank you for noticing.

i'm not skinny, and never will be. for that reason alone, i do not now, nor will i ever in my life again, own skinny jeans. or, jeans at all for that matter. they're not comfortable and you're wrong to tell me otherwise. i don't like the heavy fabric on my already thick legs. i don't like the waistband cutting into my spare tyre. i don't like the way the denim crinkles as it strains across my thighs. i just don't like. so, not only do i not own any jeans, i don't own any pants. i am a dresses girl. dresses flatter my (once bottom heavy, now hourglass) shape. i wear tights or leggings through all seasons, because they're thin but warm, and more flattering than thick denim. and comfortable. and i usually buy my tights a size too-big, so that i can pull them right up and tuck them into my bra. this both sucks my belly fat in, and keeps me warmer. bonus!

so, rather than post a ton of pictures you've already seen of me in my many outfits, i thought i'd have a play on polyvore and give you a rough idea of my seasonal wardrobe choices! enjoy...
i do really go for seasonal colours - i can get on board with that. i am in no way a girl who wears a lot of black. londoner's love wearing black. i prefer to sick to charcoal and burgandy, with pops of pattern or bright colours, like mustard or teal. i'd normally throw a cardigan or jumper on over a dress (how did i forget to add a jumper?!), plus a chunky knitted scarf, and that's how i stay plenty warm!
spring! my favourite! pastels and muted colours are everywhere, and my favourite season to buy clothes in. all of the floral prints call to me, and the gorgeous tan accessories and sunnies compliment just about any outfit you can throw together. the cropped cardigans come out of hiding, and the tights give way to the footless tights and sandals. excuse the spelling error up there.. it should be noted that i have the pink skirt, the floral skirt and that pretty mint bag too! lucky me.
the dresses become flowier, to allow for the summer breezes when you're lucky enough to catch one. the colours are bright and warm, with spots of neutral to break up the patterns and colour. the tan accessories are a constant, with a choice of floral head wear (a break from the bows?). the sandals are out in full force, with the ballet flats neatly locked away for the next few months. a denim jacket for those cooler nights, and a neutral carry all to throw my life in to-and-from pub or picnic on the weekend. and, no tights!
the neutrals from summer are now matched with more seasonal prints and colours, in keeping with the changing leaves. it's time to introduce more subtle colours like peach and wine and... less subtle prints like leopard print. a lightweight jacket and scarf is necessary in those cooler nights, and the more autumny it becomes, the cooler the days become too. tights start creeping their way back into my life, so the ballet flats are once again out in full force. i found that bag early last year on sale in primark, for three quid!

so, there you have it. my season wardrobe choices. do you have a seasonal go-to? tell me!