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5 February 2013

recipe:: holy guacamole

want to know how to make a delicious, almost healthy multi-purpose salad dressing? it's easy peasy. you'll need:
-an avocado
-sweet chilli sauce
-lime juice
-natural yoghurt

and here's how you'll do it:
1.cut up avocado into small pieces and put in a small bowl. 2. add two tablespoons of sweet chilli (or experiment. i use a tbs of sweet chilli and another of a mango/sweet chilli salad dressing i found at sainsbury's) sauce, two tablespoons of yoghurt and a squeeze of lime juice. 3. throw this in the blender (or be lazy if you don't mind lumps and do what i do, and mix with a fork!). 4 ta-da! you're done. use lashings of it, on everything, all of the time.
you're welcome.